Campus Farm Cotons

MCPC registered, purebred Malagasy Cotons

Puppies arriving late summer 2019!

(still accepting reservations for this litter)

Please submit a Puppy Application if you are interested in our puppies

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Coton de Tulears are special and unique. We work hard to make the best "forever home" match for our puppies.  The first step is to submit your puppy application.  Then, we will discuss your preferences and, if you decide that you would like a puppy from this litter, you will place a deposit.  The deposit determines the order in which puppies are guaranteed to new families.  So, to avoid disappointment, you'll want to place your deposit early.


We work very hard to manage everyone's preferences and the order in which we receive deposits determines the order in which potential owners are matched with an available puppy.

Puppy Matching:  We want our puppies to go to the best possible forever homes and we want our puppy owners to be glad they worked with us to find their puppy.  So, we will work with you as much as possible to make sure that your puppy is a great fit with your family!

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"Most agile"!

Why choose a puppy from Campus Farm Cotons?


Our puppies are socialized with the Puppy Culture program and each puppy arrives at their forever home with a Puppy Culture DVD so that you can continue the learning, fun, and excellent socialization.  In addition to a thorough socialization program, our puppies receive much daily love and attention from our family and friends, including our toddler.  So, you can be confident that your puppy has been exposed to people of all ages, including young children.


(Note for parents of children with allergies: our son has asthma and has never been bothered by our dogs.)

We know our puppies very well and can help you choose one that fits well with your family and preferences.  Our Cotons are fed a raw diet and we strongly recommend the same for our puppies because of the lifelong health benefits.  We are happy to discuss the benefits and how to carry on the raw diet once your puppy comes home.  However, if you decide that you don't want to continue feeding your puppy a raw diet, we will work with you find a great food that works for your family in the long-term.  We brush and groom the puppies when they are old enough to habituate them to the process, which- as Coton de Tulears- will be a lifelong, regular event for them.  We crate train our Cotons so they have a safe and comfortable "nest" to relax- and we encourage the same for our puppies, who will have had positive crate experiences by the time they arrive home to you!


We update our potential owners (after deposit is received) on the progress of the puppies on a very frequent basis through email, facebook, phone, and videos so that you feel connected to the puppies as they grow and develop.  We remember how tough it was to wait for updates and pictures!


Our puppies arrive to your home with:


  • Guidance about the breed and how to care for and bond with your new Coton puppy
  • Information about the food they have been growing up on and guidance about how to continue or transition their diet
  • Information about their exposure to crate training and guidance about how to continue when they arrive home
  • Information about their temperament as far as it is known at the time they arrive to your home
  • Guidance about grooming and suggestions for how to maintain the coat yourself or work with a groomer
  • Written medical records including dates of all vaccinations and other health information
  • Written statement of the name, address, and telephone number of the examining veterinarian
  • Facebook page to stay in touch with other Campus Farm Coton owners



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